My thoughts on another crazy Anaheim opener

Ah Anaheim 1, it was the best of times (Roczen), it was the worst of times (Stewart), it was another barn-burning season opener in SoCal. I mean really, what more could you ask for to kick off a series? We got the all-time, most awkward heat race podium speech ever (It was actually almost hard to watch. I know a lot of people will kill Mike for it because he is an easy target, you have to appreciate a guy who cares so much), several full-on, old school Bradshaw/Chicken-style block passes (one for the 250 win), a somewhat surprising first-time winner and the return of the semi races! It really was one hell of a great night of racing in the land of flat-bills and boob jobs.

My take on the 450 top ten-

1st Place: Zee German- I don’t think Kenny’s win should come as a surprise to anyone (Reports that his gear could be spotted by the Mars Rover may or may not be false). The kid is had been winning GP’s since he was 15 and already has a podium finish in the big-bike class. He has incredible raw talent, probably the most well funded team behind him, endless enthusiasm and now the trainer to the stars in his corner (how long before RV regrets this decision?). This has the potential of a real Stanton/RJ deal from 1989 in the making. While I think it may be a little to early to get all crazy crowning Kenny the new Supercross champ, confidence is a crazy thing. Do I think he will win it all this year? No. Would I be surprised if he pulled a McGrath or Dungey and did the deed as a rookie? Absolutely not. Grade: A+ for Team Hasselhoff .

2nd Place: The Dunge- Last night, Dungey did what Dungey does. He was solid as a rock, steady Eddie and just a tick off the fastest guys. He lacked the balls-out speed of Stewart, but kept it on two wheels and stayed in the hunt for the title. I have to admit, after last year I did not have really high expectations for my two favorite riders. Reed’s year was an unwatchable abomination and Dungey never seemed to be comfortable with his Carlos-tuned KTM. If A1 is any indication, however, it looks like DeCoster and the boys have those pumpkins pretty well sorted out. I still think RV has the field covered in a 17-race marathon, but I am quietly encouraged…. Grade: B+ for the Dungenator.

3rd Place: Speedy Reedy- Damn, it is nice to use that nickname again and not seem ironic. OK, all jokes aside, I never would have predicted this. After his last stint on the green machines and the trail of tears that was 2013 who could have? At one point last night, I even thought for a second he might have a shot at the win. He was that legit! Like everyone else (including the winner), he lacked the “holly shit did you see that” speed of Stewart, but for the first time in about twenty months, he looked like the old Chad Reed. Last night, I looked a shark in the eye my friends, and that shark’s name was Chad Reed. Grade: A- for The Thunder from Down Under (lower expectations going in and a huge rebound from last year).

• 4th Place: The Champ- My what an interesting night for one Ryan Villopoto. First of all, he got to rekindle his rivalry with The Hype. Then, he actually lost to Alessi for the first time since the term “lites” was just a misspelling. This of course, resulted in the most cringe-worthy bit motocross television since Erin Bates asked JS7 about his traction control (Am I the only one that thinks Dungey should have gone ahead and given Mike that hug he owed him from Washougal 2012?). Then, the Universes got their revenge and smote Team Hot Tub for trying to jump the gate again and handed the holeshot to RV.

From here, it should have been smooth sailing for the redheaded munchkin, but once again the Moto Gods had other ideas for Villopoto. Unlike most of last year, RV was not able to get away, so when a minor tip over happened, a bunch of top guys got by. It had to be a bummer for Ryan, but at least he was not hurt and rebounded well with a forth. Considering what happened last year at A1, I know no one at Team Kawasaki is panicking. Ryan recovered from a sixth at round one to wrap it up a round early. Still, at least there is some hope that we might actually have a race for the title this year. Grade C for the man who would be King .

5th Place: Bam Bam– OK, am I the only one who thought Barcia looked like a weird cross between Duck Dynasty and Wonder Woman last night? That had to be the craziest get up this side of a comic-con convention. Between him and Tomac, Alpinstars had the drag queen and Spirograph set covered last night. But enough about fashion.

On the track, Barcia looked like his same aggressive self, scrubbing revving and whipping his CRF to within an inch of the tuff blocks on every rhythm section (It actually scares me to watch Justin. It always feels like that yard sale is only a few moments away). The kid is blazing fast and a fifth place is a solid finish. I don’t know if I am ready to crown him the heir-apparent yet, but I think he will win some races this year no doubt. Grade: B- for Sparkle and Shine

6th Place: Justin “Real Tree” Brayton- Sixth is a really solid finish for Brayton and Team JGR. I think it is too much to expect Justin to get a podium in this #DeepField, but a top ten is right where he should be. A fifth would be great (and attainable), but a sixth is awesome. Once again he was invisible on TV, which is a bit of a bummer for Gibbs Racing, but with the return of the semi races (yeah!) I imagine we will get some face time with Jason Weigandt’s man crush at some point this year. Grade: I am cele-Brayton a solid B+

7th Place: Josh “The Unit” Grant– Another solid finish for Team JGR. While I am sure J-Bone was hoping for another out-of-nowhere 2009 upset from Grant, a seventh is a good way to get things rolling. To be frank, any A1 where Josh does not turn himself into a tatted-up lawn dart is a victory, so there is that. Also- bonus points for a cool A1 themed lid. Grade C+ for the guy who stole my first Monster Girl crush away from me (Damn you Josh!)

8th Place: Broc Tickle– I hear there was some serious B-to-B going down in the RCH pits bro. Major activation yo! That is all I know about that. Grade: C for the guy with the second porniest name in moto (come on, no body can beat Dusty Pipes).

9th Place: The Smiley-faced Assassin- While I am sure BTO, Moser and Shorty would love to see a better result than ninth, a top ten is nothing to sneeze at. Andrew has great equipment, and a solid team behind him, so it would not surprise me to see a sixth, or even a fifth, if everything falls his way. That said, if he can stay healthy and the class does its usual meat-grinder deal, he might steal a miracle finish or two. I’m just glad he will not be stuck going all Winner Take All mid-season again. Grade: C+ for the man with 29 reasons to love him.

10th Place: Jake “Third time is a charm” Weimer– Tenth may be the ninth loser, but I would actually consider this a victory considering the way the rest of the night went for Jake. Three shots and the best you can do it a third in the LCQ? Whoa, that is scary shit my friends. Hell, at one point I was worried he was going to blow it and not make the main. After all that (and you just know Jake was not in a good head space at that point), he pulled it together and gutted out a top ten finish. Bravo my slightly Emo friend. I’m sure Jake will get it figured out and nail a few top fives before we hit Vegas. Grade C-

Honerable Mention- 17th place: Team Speedo– Damn, what a brutal night for the Stewart camp. For fifteen laps, it was 2007 and he was “The fastest man on the planet”. Then in the course of one whoop section, it was back to 2014 and huck-a-buck for the ages (personally, I think that skin-tight gear prevented him from placing his balls on the crossbar at the moment of truth, resulting in epic carnage). I have never been a Stewart fan (I’m a Reed guy), but I have actually come around on the guy in the last year. I could not stand that he just seemed to quit if he did not feel he could win and I never liked the way he treated everyone else on the track like a speed bump. Last year, however, he showed heart and humility in the face of adversity and that cracked open my hardened heart.

Last night, I actually found myself rooting for a little yellow rain. It, however was just not to be. Stewart was just amazing out there; until he wasn’t. Damn, it was heartbreaking to see his title chances go down in a heap. I know he came back from a DNF to win it all in 2009, but that was a dozen massive diggers ago. Now, it looks like he will have to try and play the role of spoiler. It is just too bad, and if you see Raining Yellow guy, you might offer to give him a hug.

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My thoughts on the Dallas Supercross

 First of all, I want to say a huge thanks to Feld Motorsports and Speed. Growing up  in the days of NO motocross coverage accept for a once a year ABC USGP show (three months late BTW), this era of live coverage is beyond awesome. Hell, I thought it was great in 1990 when all I had to do was set the VCR for 2 AM and watch the race the next day (still often tape delayed a month or more). Moto fans today don’t know how great they have it with live coverage via Speed and the internet. It is a great era to be a fan of motocross my friends.


 As to last night’s race, was that a rodeo or a Supercross event? Maybe it was just being in Dallas, but every year this event seems to bring out the 8 Seconds (what is Luke Perry up to these days anyway?) in everyone. I saw more bikes doing a mechanical bull impression last night than is recommended for good health. That scrub/catapult by Zach Bell looked like Mavrick and Goose punching out of their F-14 for God’s sake. When I say that, I was genuinely afraid that boy might have ridden his last race, he looked contorted and limp in a way that is NEVER good and I feared the worst. To see him actually get up was remarkable; to see him actually race the LCQ seemed foolhardy. Then when he plowed himself into the rock hard Dallas turf a second time, I had flashbacks to a young Travis Pastrana. Remember him?


 Super fast kid, incredibly talented, knocked himself out so many times that he thinks jumping out of planes without a parachute makes perfect since. I know the Geico team is running these new helmet’s with internal air bags or some such high tech brain bucket tech, but man those were some brutal hits. A seventeen year old kid does not know what’s good for him even when he is not punch drunk, so lets hope The Rock or someone over there is looking out for his best interest. Just saying…


 Here are some thoughts on the actual racing-


1st Place- RV1

 I have to admit, after seeing that awesome piece on Ryan last week on CBS (if you have not seen it, do yourself a favor and find it on YouTube) I was extra pumped to see him comeback from last week’s crashfest for the win. He rode a flawless race and put the turbocharger Mike Williamson installed on his 450 last Friday to good use. I would have preferred a battle up front, to a McGrath style run away, but you have to admire a guy who can just ride away from the worlds best like that.

 He still has a way to go to catch up to the points leader, but wins are how he is going to do it. Great ride RV!


 2nd place Davi Doughnut (am I the only one who still remembers Dandy Donn’s nickname?)

 Wow, every week Davi Millsaps is just rewriting his legacy. I know everyone has talked about this ad nauseum, but criminy it is an amazing story. Is it Yogi, or the kid, or the Suzuki (don’t tell anyone, but that is what he is riding)? Maybe it is a bodysnatcher style attack by a retired Mark Barnett. Whatever the cause, it truly is remarkable.

 Davie was not even 100% last night and he passed Chad Reed and held off Ryan Dungey for second place. In any other year, that alone would have been amazing, but this year, that is just what Millsaps does. He is solid, who would have thought? Last night he got a second, while sick and having trouble catching his breath. He pulled out another couple of points on the Dungenator and now almost leads the series by one full race. Let me say that again. We are not even to the halfway point and Davi Millsaps leads by nearly a WHOLE race. What’s next, flatbillers untucking their ears? Well, that may be too much to ask.

 Next week we head to the ATL and can you imagine how the Georgia Dome is going to be rocking? Davi heads home, with the red plate and a truckload of confidence. Here’s hoping he can keep the distractions to a minimum and lay down the law in the Dirty South. Go Davi, I believe.


3rd place- The Dungenator


 Last night was pretty much a typical Dungey race. Good start, solid laps and a podium finish. Ryan is a diesel on the bike; he builds up a head of steam and just keeps plowing away until the race is over. Unfortunately, sometimes that means he has a hard time kicking that big motor into overdrive for a quick burst. He still does too much following for my taste, but he did show a bit of aggression last night on my boy Reed. If he had kicked in the afterburners a few laps earlier, he may have gotten by a wounded Millsaps (he was closing late but ran out of time). Those are valuable points if he wants to capture his second Supercross title and he needs to start beating Davi regularly if he wants to keep it close. Still it was a solid ride by the Dunge, and if Millsaps falters he will be there to pick up the pieces.


4th place –Speedy Reedy


 Damn, early on in the main I thought Chad might be ready to make a run, but it turned out to be another frustrating night for the #22. He still seems to be a bit uncomfortable on the new CRF and is just a tick off his speedy self. Fourth is certainly not terrible, but I think all of us Reedy fans were hoping for more this year. Chad usually hauls a$$ at Atlanta and maybe the softer dirt will be a better fit for those Oingo Boingo front forks. In any case, Reed Nation will be pulling for better days ahead for Team TwoTwo.


5th Place-Justin Brayton


 This is a nice ride for Jason Weigandt’s favorite bicycling buddy. Last week he ran up front for 80% of the main and this week he pulled off a solid top five. I think this is about where Justin should hope to be considering all the top guys are still in this thing. He is solid, but still lacks the blinding speed of the fastest guys in the class. If things go as usual and a few guys bow out early, he might get a few podiums before the year is out. Considering how things went for JGR last year (and the bittersweet turn around of Millsaps), I hope they do get on the box before long.


 6th place Justin Barcia


 Bam Bam fall down go boom in heat race. Bam Bam get bad start, not finish good.


7th place- Trey Canard


After a awesome start to the season, the nicest guy ever to ride a motorcycle appears to be having a mid-season slump. He can’t seem to keep his CRF on two wheels (time to try a quad BROto?) Once again he had trouble in his heat, which like his teammate translated into a bad start in the main. I have to wonder if Reed’s allusions to setup issues with the new CRF (and his insinuation that the kids don’t know any better) are not finally catching up with the youngsters. There do seem to be a lot of red bikes on the turf lately. Regardless, with Tim Ferry in his corner, I’m sure he will get things sorted out soon.


8th Matt Goerke


 Nice ride for the team BTO KTM rider here. Matt is having a solid year on the KTM and top tens have to feel good for a team that had a hard time making the mains last year (sorry JT$). I’m sure with all the added support from KTM there is more pressure to perform but top tens are a great thing to build on for Karsten and Forrest. If they keep up the good work, maybe we will see a BTO top five in the Nats this summer.


9th Place-Andrew Short


 The Baby-faced Assassin had another solid ride last night in Dallas.  I love the fact that he has been able to keep the ball rolling in spite of all the turmoil this year. I sure hope he can get enough support to ride the rest of the series. The sport needs guys like Shorty and it would be a tragedy to see a guy like that on the sidelines. Maybe Moser can rent a Sprinter and take Andrew East…


10th place-Broc Tickle


 Even though he only finished one place better than last week, I bet this race felt a lot better for Broc. Starting upfront and getting one’s doors blow off is never a recipe for awesome self esteem and Tickle got the full on boat anchor treatment last week. This week, he can say he got a top ten and leave it at that. I think Broc is still a year away from making waves in the SX series and for him, his best bet is to stay healthy so he can be Suzuki’s top guy in the outdoors (I don’t think anyone really thinks we will be sing the #7 this summer).


 I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait for next week. Hotlanta here we come!

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My thoughts on an Awesome A3

Wow, what a night of racing, what a season of racing! After the awesome 2011, it was probably too much to ask for another barnburner of a year, but after five rounds, it sure looks like we are going to get one. I mean, this series has had everything so far. Huge comeback stories? Check. Rookie breakthrough? Check. Parity and uncertainty of each round’s winner? Check. Huge pileups and gnarly takeouts? Double Check! This people, is why Suoercross is the most exciting motor sport in the world. Here are some props and thoughts on last nights crazy night in Anaheim.

1st Place- The Dungenator
Ryan certainly pulled his fat out of the fire last night. It was pretty gnarly when his Brad Lackey Fox Air Shock decided to take the night off at the start of his heat race. It was a major set back for the #5, but it could have been a lot worse. If that thing had decided to give up the ghost on the first triple I don’t even want to think about the results. When Ryan got stuck in the back at the start of the LCQ, I really thought we were looking at another Jacksonville 2011. (Not to beat a dead horse here, but come on, we need to bring back the semis. One little problem in your heat and you are really rolling the dice in the LCQ big time. At the very least, they need to take the top 4 in the LCQ or make it a longer race so a bad start does not kill a guys chance at making the main-end of aside) Dungey’s ride in the LCQ was maybe the ride of the night and he really pulled it out there.

In the main, he just got out front and did what Dungey does. He may not be able to knife through the field like JS7 (of course he will not land on you either), but give him a start and he is solid as a rock. He withstood early pressure from Davi and just rode a steady race for the win. I have no Idea in this crazy year if this really means anything in the grand scheme of things. I don’t expect the Dunge to go on tear now, but he certainly made a major step forward in the standing and now sits in second behind the Comeback kid.

2nd place (But first in your hearts) -Davi Millsaps
Holly crap, in ten years of watching Davi Millsaps race motorcycles I have NEVER seen this guy. I have literally seen every race he has ever run (most multiple times) and I have never seen him look like this. Even when he won his 250F title for Honda he was not This Guy. This Guy, looked like JS7 circa 2007 early in the race. He was putting that RMZ anywhere he wanted it. Cutting down, scrubbing, tripling from the inside on a slippery-as-glass track. He was just bending that bike to his will and it was awesome to watch. He looked to be on a totally different track in the first few laps and I really though he was going to pull off another win. In the end, the Dungenator kicked it into terminator mode on him and pulled away, but it was still an awesome ride. He came back on Stewart and once again proved he is for real this year.
I said last night on Twitter that is may finally be time to start talking about Davi as a legitimate threat to pull this title off. As amazing as A1 was, I don’t think anyone (even Davi most likely) really though he was going to turn that race into a Supercross title. It was an incredible race , but there was no way he could hold it together for 17 rounds, right? Well friends and neighbors, it looks to me like we may indeed have a new Sheriff in town. Milsapps 2013 is for real, and and if can keep his head down, take what the night gives him and pounce when the opportunity presents itself, he may get to drop an 8 off that plate next year.

3rd Place- Justin Barcia
Last night was a great rebound for a guy who has been limiting his Bam Bam’s to his own body lately. I don’t think anyone has been shocked at Barcia’s early season success or his spectacular crashes. He has been crazy fast from the time he turned pro and I think he will be a SX champ in the future. He need to focus on mellowing out for a race or two and get himself up to 100%, then it will be on. I would bet on 2-3 more wins this year from the Wild Child of MX.

4th Place-The Fastest Man on the planet (in practice) James Stewart
It is pretty obvious from his practice times that James Stewart still knows how to ride a motorcycle VERY fast. It is also very obvious that he is not 100%. I think it is pretty fair to wager that he is not really training or doing much riding these days other than race day and it shows in his results. He is tentative once the gate drops and just seems to lack that Crazy Balls burst of speed he has had since turning pro in ’02. At this point, I think James is just trying to get through things without making it worse.Either he is waiting for the injury to get better or he is contractually obligated to perform in a certain number or races (call me cynical, but I imagine it is the latter), because what he is doing not does not really look like any Stewart we have seen before. He has never been the “lets limp along and see how this goes” kind of guy. If he can’t win, he usually goes home, so no matter what the reason, I commend him for giving it his best.
While it may have been best to just get it fixed after A1 so he could be ready for the outdoors, it is too late for that now. Either way, good luck to him and I hope he keeps getting better. Who knows, the way this crazy year is going he may still have a shot at the title.


Bonus points for the ridiculous Red Bull Pharaoh’s hat he had on after the race BTW.

Place- Chad Reed
As much as I am loving this season, this part is just killing me. I have to wonder if Chad ran over a black cat with the TwoTwo trailer on the way A1 or something because it is just not going right this year. I don’t know if it is the new bike or the Discount Tires he is running on his CRF, but something is just off with Team Skippy. At no point has he shown the speed he had last year and he still looks to be struggling somewhat with bike set up. It is now two weeks in a row that he has found himself down in the second turn and that is no recipe for success. He needs to get better starts and try to keep himself off the ground if he is going to get back in this championship chase. At least this year, things are so crazy that he still might have a shot if he gets it turned around fast-like next week fast. Maybe it is the red pants, just a thought….

6th Place- The Baby-Faced Assassin
What do you say about Shorty that has not already been said? The dude is absolutely killing it on a bike that you are I could buy at Rowdy Roddy’s Motorcycle emporium. The fact that he is even out there is impressive enough, but to be getting sixths and beating A LOT of heavy hitters on the bike he is riding is just incredible. The dude is one of the coolest guys in the pits and I think all of us are rooting for him to keep it going. A++++++++++++ for the Blond Bomber

7th Place- Trey Canard
I was really hoping last night would be Trey’s night. After a solid start to the season, it seemed like it was time for a win. He did get a solid start and it looked like early on he might be well positioned to make a run of it. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and the #41 ended up way back early on. The seventh does not kill his title hopes by any means, but he did loose second in the title chase to Dungey. If Trey is going to turn an incredible comeback into a true Cinderella story, he needs to start keeping the CRF on two wheels. He has the speed, but even I can beat a guy laying on the track.

8th Place- The Champ
Many people forget it because of his many titles, but RV has aways been a guy who rides the razor’s edge. He is not quite up to the COW (Crash Or Win) status of JS7, but he has had his share crash-fests over the years. Usually he has been able to recover do to his blazing speed and fitness. This year, however, the speed and consistency of Millsaps (it is going to take a while to get used to writing that) is going to make it tough to make up all those lost points. I’m not sure if it is his strange rearward riding style, or his suspension setup (maybe he is running Reed’s cheesy Discount Tires), but it really seems he is having problems with loosing the front end. I’m sure RV will right the ship and go on a 5-race tear at some point, but by then it may be too late to derail the Millsaps Juggernaut.

9th Place- Broc Tickle
Best porn name in motocross, Broc Tickle or Dusty Pipes? Discuss…

10th Place- Justin Brayton
In tenth we have Jason Weigandt’s man-crush and the pride of Fort Dodge, Iowa, Justing Brayton. A top ten is a solid ride for Brayton and about where i would expect to find him if all the big guys are still in play. It would be nice if he could take advantage of one of these crazy pile-ups and steal a top three but the series is still early. For JGR, the highlight (and heart attack) of the night had to be the awesome dual between #10 and #33 in their heat race. It was a great showing for their team and a great race. If only Brayton could translate his Heat Race Hero status to the main he could be a contender. As it is, the Weigandt jumping out of a cake party will have to wait for another day.

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My thoughts on a crazy Supercross season opener in Anaheim

First of all, huge props to Davi Millsaps on an incredible win. I know Dave has won races before, but I don’t think anyone accept maybe JT$ thought he might pull one off against that stacked field. A1 is certainly known for crazy finishes but this one has to rank up there with Grant’s 09 win as the most surprising ever.
After a career of underachieving, could it be that Big Treat has finally found the magic combination to challenge for the title? I’m not sure I am ready to go that far, but either way it was an incredible race and a huge accomplishment for a guy who had seen his share of adversity in the last few years. Here’s hoping he can keep it going.

Is there a better guy on the track than Trey Canard? The kid from Oklahoma is humble, kind and not afraid to let his faith be known. He is also must be one of the most mentally tough guys on the track to come back from what the world has thrown at him over the last two years. Two back-to-back broken femurs and a broken back, who comes back from that? Well apparently, Trey Canard does my friends. He was half a lap from taking home the the second most amazing career comeback win of the night. Six months ago some people were wondering if Honda would even bring him back, but Big Red stuck with the kid and he delivered big time last night. I have to admit I was not sure if he could really put all that pain behind him and find the pace so fast, but the kid showed the strong steel he is made of and silenced all the doubters last night. Bonus points for not tucking his ears in a retarded flat-biller on the podium and making me what to knock it off his head.

Ok, first off, I will admit I am a big Ryan Dungey fan. The dude is a machine on the track and I would never bet against him if we were racing 40 lap mains, but last night I think he really missed a opportunity. With RV struggling so badly and JS7 wounded, you just HAVE to go win that main event. It is like 2008 when K-Dub could not pull off the win when Reedy faltered, and was never able to make up the gap. You have to take advantage when those opportunities are there if you want to be champion.

Now on the flip side, you could say that Dungey did what Dungey does, and did not ride over his head and took what the night gave him. Third is certainly not bad, but if he is going to outlast a sure to get better Reed and RV, he need to take it and not wait for it to come to him. Stanton certainly won titles that way, but RV is not Bradshaw and I don’t seer him having another night like A1 this season. JS7 spotted Reed a race in ’09 and he still got the title with raw speed. If Dungey wants to avoid that in ’13 he needs to put the spurs to that horse now, rather than later.

In fourth, we have Chad Reed exactly where I thought he would be. I would love to have seen Speedy Reedy come out and smoke the field, but I did not think it was going to happen. I think if Reed is going to make a run, it will start around round 3 and build from there. Reed is a slow burn and once he finds his grove he will be a threat for the win. In all honesty, I would love to see CR22 make another run at the title here, but who knows at this point? He is coming off several big injuries, is a year older and has a ton of competition. After what he has done in his career, nothing would surprise me at this point, but I think after last night he would have to still be considered a long shot for the title.

In fifth, we have Jake Weimer, who rode a solid race to round out the top five. At no point was he in the battle for the lead, but with this crazy field he had to feel pretty good with a fifth to get things started. Mentally he probably sees himself ahead of a guy like Millsaps, so that might hurt, but overall I think he can’t be too disappointed. He was the top Kawasaki in the field and salvaged the night a bit for his team. Overall, it was a good race and something to build on for the big #12.

A few other random thoughts on the night.

Bam Bam looked VERY fast on that Factory Honda and I do think he will steal a win or two before the season is over. He was actually scaring me a bit at times, as he scrubbed so hard that he clipped the landings and looked to be about a millisecond from eating shit. In any case, it was an impressive showing for a kid with one of the brightest futures in the sport.

Josh Hill seems to have pissed off a Gypsy at some point because the poor kid appears to be cursed. After squandering his many early opportunities partying and playing with J-law and the Cheech and Chong crowd, he really seems to want to put his career back together now. Unfortunately, the moto gods appear to still be pissed, because the kid can’t seem to catch a break. Heres hoping he can catch a little luck and get himself back out there soon.

Shorty took a solid sixth (about where I expected) and looked good doing it. The team turmoil nonsense seems to have continued over for 2013 but it did not stop the Baby-faced Assassin from snagging a win last year so maybe its good for him. Bonus points for his sweet looking CRF450R which reminded me of a 80′ works Honda. Badass!

Josh Hansen appeared to have checked his brain at the door last night and certainly did himself no favors looking like an immature dick on the track. Block passes are cool, intentional, pointless take outs are not. Josh has talent , but until he stops acting like a 16 year old on the track and off he will never turn the corner..

RV had one of those nights last night for sure. It was like watching Stewart implode at Dallas in ’02, as the harder he tried the bigger he fell. Hopefully he was not injured, and can bounce back next week. In many ways he picked a good year to have a bad night as I have a feeling we will have a lot of winners mixing up the points every week. Plus his main competitors did not grab the bull by the horns either, so he got off easy. He also dodged a bullet (like ATL last year) by not getting docked any further for riding around a third of the track to reenter. It was a crappy night all around and best forgotten by the reigning champ.

What to think of JS7? First of all, I doubt may people are going to be ponying up to buy his Reed replica Seven gear (did anyone at TLD even look at the photos of Reed’s shift stuff? The two look separated at birth). Secondly, it appears the Yamaha was not the problem either, as the best handling bike on the track washes out the front end and dinged Stewarts knee. There is no doubt if he is healthy he is a threat for the win, but I’m afraid his title days are over at this point. I could be wrong, and I hope I am, but it is hard to argue with the facts at this point.

Last point- I can’t wait for next week!

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I am really enjoying writing Classic Steel.

When Steve Matthes originally approached me a about writing for his web site I was understandably excited. I had been a fan of Steve’s stuff for quite a while, and considered it a honor to be asked. A year later, I can sincerely say that I have enjoyed every minute of the experience. It has afforded me the opportunity to meet and interact with some of my childhood hero’s, guys I grew up watching on TV every week. I have also been lucky enough go behind the scenes at some racing events and enjoy access I never would have though possible.

On the writing side, I have had a blast writing all manner of articles for PulpMX. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to write about everything from a history of motocross, to top ten lists and debates about the greatest races in history. My weekly column Classic Steel, has been particularly interesting, as I get to research all manner of classic bikes every week. Many I knew nothing about the bikes prior to doing my research, so it is just as informative to me as it is to my readers. The only hard part has been locating the information in the first place. There is really no online repository for much of this information and often it has meant digging through endless books and magazines to find the info I need. Even so, it has been a labor of love and I enjoy writing whenever I can find a spare second.

If you enjoy motocross and classic Motocross machines, make sure check out for my Classic Steel columns. Every week I pick one of the incredible machines that was in Greg Primm’s incredible motocross collection and give you little look back at its history, performance and significance to the sport. I try not to sugar coat anything and give you a realistic account of the bikes strengths and weaknesses. There are also some great pictures of the classic machines, so make sure you check it out.

This week’s Classic Steel is a look back at some of Greg Primm’s awesome classic motocross jerseys.

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