The History Of Kawasaki’s KDX175 & KDX200 Models 1980-2006

This is a rundown of Kawasaki's KDX175 and KDX200 Enduro models from their introduction in 1980, until their retirement in 2006.   Kawasaki KDX175 and KDX200 1980-2006 full PDF   1980 Kawasaki KDX175  Photo Credit: Cycle World   Originally introduced for the 1980 season,  the first KDX175 was Kawasaki's answer to Suzuki's hugely successful PE175.... Continue Reading →


1992 Motocross Action 125 Motocross shootout

  Time for another selection from my personal collection of classic magazines. This one covers the 125 class of 1992 and appeared in the most influential publication of the time - Motocross Action. In it, the Honda CR125R, Kawasaki KX125, Suzuki RM125, Yamaha YZ125 and KTM 125MX fight it out for tiddler supremacy. #Braaappp 1992... Continue Reading →

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